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Mini-site 3: “The Accomplishment Games”

This is the "Scroogle" page of my site, "Search Panem"

This is the “Scroogle” page of my site, “Search Panem”

I am happy to say that I think my mini-site #3, a parody of The Hunger Games, turned out pretty OK. I at first had major problems. MAJOR. Not problems like, “oh, that’s cute, you are having trouble,” I am talking about problems like, “wow… you really don’t understand JavaScript!” As it turns out, my knowledge of JavaScript was lacking. Before, I was trying to link the JavaScript files together when I only needed to create local storage variables. Thankfully, I had the opportunity to talk to Dr. Delwiche and was able to get a better understanding. I had to re-do my code is some places, but it was a lot better than trying to fix my mistakes.

Even though I am much, much, more confident with JavaScript, I hope we go over arrays… I couldn’t figure out how to “reset” my storage variables and I think I remembered Dr. Delwiche saying an array could help with that. Or I could be wrong. Regardless, I would like to learn more about JavaScript because it is a very powerful tool.

This site by far has given me the biggest sense of accomplishment! I hope you enjoy, Katniss fans or not!



Mini-site #2

My mini-site about desserts!

My mini-site about desserts!

Mini-site #2, how you make me blue! OK, so I haven’t turned blue, but I was very frustrated when creating this minisite. Although I tried and tried, I just could never get it to meet my standards. Or maybe my standards are too high because CSS and HTML do take some practice. The hardest part for me was (trying) to get the hyperlinks to float and look good. First, I could only hyperlink every category of the main navigation bar. If I tried to un-hyperlink one, it lost the formatting. Second, I wanted to have the recipe navigation bar directly in the middle of the page, but I could not get it to be vertically down the middle without it messing up my columns. I ended up having it float next to first paragraph on the overview pages. It’s not cool or fancy by any means, but it’s not an eye-sore.

Other issues I encountered were making sure all of my tags were closed. I must have been stressing out for 15-20 minutes on what happened to my format before I realized I needed to close a <a href> tag. It also took me a while to add a space below the recipe navigation bar and the ingredients heading. I don’t know if this was entirely proper since I did it through HTML, but I added <br> tags and that helped me created a space.

To be honest, this mini-site was not smooth sailing for me. I felt like it took me much longer than it should have and I can’t even remember all of the little issues I experienced. However, I am going to end on a positive note. Through all my necessary and unnecessary experimentation, I gained a better grasp of pixels, ems, and percentages. Also, even though it was frustrating, creating the website was also fun. I just need to remember not to get discouraged because this is a lot to take in and master!

View my mini-site #2: All About Desserts! 

Minisite Adventures: #1

Minisite page: Is Google profiting from our distraction?

Minisite page: Is Google profiting from our distraction?

Who knew creating your own website would make you feel kind of awesome? My first minisite focused on the negative aspects of technology and the arguments of Klosterman and Carr. I chose paragraphs that highlighted how we are becoming so attached to technology, which is proving more and more not to be a good thing.

In creating my minisite, I did not run into too many problems. It was extremely helpful to do the microsite in class last week! However, I did find myself forgetting to put the end brackets on tags sometimes, especially the <p> tags. It also took me a while to figure out what images I wanted to use and what size they should be. Additionally, I wanted to hyperlink to another website that I used in my first blog post, however, the hyperlink would be my footer and not the words I did the <a href=> tag for. Unfortunately, I was not able to solve the problem… but I will ask Dr. Delwiche about it later.

Overall, I thought my minisite experience was great and I can’t wait to get better!

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