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HTML5 Video

In order to complete my badge in the Programming category, I chose to tackle HTML5 Video. Although I had my struggles, my experience with HTML5 Video was really interesting and fun. I have been waiting to try some coding with HTML5, and I was glad I could practice through video. I thought Steve Heffernan’s Lynda tutorial was very helpful in providing a context of the importance of HTML5 and video. Although Flash is dominate right now, video in HTML5 will supposedly become the norm in 2015. This is because the video is able to play HTML5 directly from the browser and not via a plug-in like Flash. Additionally, I was really intrigued by this badge because I personally like to edit video.

Finding a topic to shoot my video based on the class themes was relatively simple. I chose to focus on our class discussion on Millennials, a topic that has become especially close to my heart. I may be biased, but I think Millennials are at a very special place in society where both the benefits and challenges of the Internet are abundant. Even though settling on a topic was simple, the actual shooting and coding of my video did not go as smoothly as I hoped. Due to time restraints, I was unable to check out one of the digital cameras and tripods available in the Communication department. While the iPhone has the ability to film good quality footage, I completely forgot to record lengthwise until it was too late. I also couldn’t keep my hand steady, which is something I had to work around in editing. However, despite the filming flaws, I think the respondents had some insightful things to say.

Here is a screenshot of my video about Millennial students.

Here is a screenshot of my video about Millennial students.

In regards  to coding my video for HTML5, I ran into a few problems. Although I really liked Heffernan’s tutorial, I was a bit confused by the Head First chapters. It was beneficial to walk through each step with the Lynda tutorial. However, I still encountered some “doh” moments throughout the coding process. For example, I could not understand why my videos would not play. I checked and double checked to make sure my code was right. When I was about to give up, Emily pointed out to me that it was because I had added an extra “video/” in my video file name. For some strange reason, I thought that it was necessary to add the word “video/” in the file, probably because both the chapters and tutorials named their files this way. Thankfully, once I got past this road block, everything else was pretty smooth sailing.

Screenshot of my HTML5 Video code.

Screenshot of my HTML5 Video code.

The end result of my HTML5 coding experience.

The end result of my HTML5 coding experience.

Since I just finished my Domain Hosting badge, I would love to see how I can incorporate video on my personal web page with HTML5. Hopefully, I can get my hands on a tripod as well!

In the meantime, check out my video here.


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