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Domain Hosting

That's right, visit my page at laurasandling2013.com.

That’s right, visit my page at laurasandling2013.com.

Before I did the research on domain hosting, I had very little knowledge of how to obtain the coveted .com for one’s website. However, I quickly realized that everyone should understand domain hosting, even if one does not have any intention to create a website right away. In the never-ending quest to become an empowered web user, it is important to learn about the crucial aspects of the Internet. When it comes to learning about and understanding the crucial aspects, domain hosting is at the top of the list. The time may come when one wants to build an Internet presence.

Although I always knew that one cannot simply create their website and call it, “idocoolthings.com” or any other .com name for that matter, I was extremely fuzzy on the finer details. I suppose I was aware of the concept of the domain provider, but I was oblivious to how important the provider is. The research portions of this badge and reading online articles was extremely helpful to my understanding. I really enjoyed the “9 Steps To A Happy Relationship With Your Hosting Provider” article, it was straight to the point and interesting.

Based on my internship boss’s rants, I knew that while very popular, GoDaddy has a few issues. He would always complain about bad customer support, so I knew right away I wanted to avoid this provider. At times I can be technological deficient and need some extra helping walking through things. While reading reviews for various hosting providers, good customer service was my biggest concern. I wanted to look for a provider that had online chat for their customer support. I also wanted a provider that would allow easy upgrades, in case I need to increase my bandwith or disk space.

The search was very daunting! I looked largely at reviews and price plans of each service. Although the“9 Steps” article basically said to take reviews with a grain of salt, I had a hard time choosing one. There was no service that was perfect and many of the reviews freaked me out. However, I finally decided to purchase my hosting through iPage. It seemed to have mostly positive reviews and I got access to a special coupon that was unbeatable in which I was able to buy my first 12 months of hosting for $1 a month. The total with the domain name and added security was less than $40.

So far, I am pleased with iPage. The control panel is very straight forward and is definitely for the beginning designer. This could be a problem if I want to get more advanced; but for now, it suits my purposes well. They also have video tutorials that are helpful. Last but not least, iPage’s online chat is awesome. Yes, I did have problems the very first day. Thankfully, Mr. Jagadish K responded to my chat superfast and helped me get HTML on to my site (apparently, you have to name the file index.html).

I am very excited about laurasandling2013.com! Although I drafted up a quick code, I might switch to a WordPress interface because I will probably use the site more as a blog chronicling my experiences with Teach For America. But for now, I will continue to build on my HTML pages. It is more fun now that I am comfortable with coding HTML and CSS!


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