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Wireframe Wizard Badge

Here is the first mockup for the TigerTV website wireframe.

Here is the first mockup for the TigerTV website wireframe.

In a nutshell, creating a wireframe is not only a great option to begin designing the layout of a website, but it should be the crucial first step in the design of any web page. Before completing this badge, I knew nothing about wireframes. Now, I will sketch or digitally create a wireframe as the layout and map for the finalized page. The beauty of the wireframe is that it allows the website designer and developer to focus only on layout, without the distractions of color choice or content. For my wireframe badge, I used the Balsamiq Mockups trial software. After reading about other wireframe software, I decided to go with Balsamiq because it looks hand-drawn but is completely digital. The user can use the icons and pictures already attached with the software or they can import their own images.

I created wireframe mockups for three pages for Trinity’s TigerTV website which include the 1) Trinity Forums, 2) Weekly Shows, and 3) Manager Bio pages. In addition to visualizing the look of the web page, it was also nice to not have to worry about specific content. Take a look at the strategic document here.

Overall, try creating a wireframe. Don’t worry if you don’t have the latest wireframe software… all you need is a pen, paper, and some imagination.


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