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Minisite Adventures: #1

Minisite page: Is Google profiting from our distraction?

Minisite page: Is Google profiting from our distraction?

Who knew creating your own website would make you feel kind of awesome? My first minisite focused on the negative aspects of technology and the arguments of Klosterman and Carr. I chose paragraphs that highlighted how we are becoming so attached to technology, which is proving more and more not to be a good thing.

In creating my minisite, I did not run into too many problems. It was extremely helpful to do the microsite in class last week! However, I did find myself forgetting to put the end brackets on tags sometimes, especially the <p> tags. It also took me a while to figure out what images I wanted to use and what size they should be. Additionally, I wanted to hyperlink to another website that I used in my first blog post, however, the hyperlink would be my footer and not the words I did the <a href=> tag for. Unfortunately, I was not able to solve the problem… but I will ask Dr. Delwiche about it later.

Overall, I thought my minisite experience was great and I can’t wait to get better!


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